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Greetings from us all at UNITeS Cisco Networking Academy!

 We thank God for the successful completion of another term. This term has been an extremely productive one as we have recorded a lot of successes with the students.

Please take time to read this newsletter as it contains a summary of all our activities and student achievements in the academy. The students are developing ICT skills that will position them for success in their future careers.

Summary of this Term’s Activities

The curriculum for this term was designed to equip students with the relevant skills required to become first class networking professionals. Here is the curriculum for this term in detail.


JSS 1: Introduction to Microsoft Word. Working with files and folders

JSS 2: Introduction to Power Point. Working with Slides, Image editing such as zooming. The students can confidently prepare presentations of various kinds.

JSS 3: Drilled on Excel. Summing, Average, Division and Multiplication. Get Connected (Online Certificate Examination).

SSS2: ITE Chapter 5 [Operation System - installation of Operating System]

SSS3: ITE Online Examination and Prepare Student for JAMB UTME CBT Examination

As part of efforts to promote computer literacy among staff members of the College, Cisco recently held a training on Microsoft Office packages.

Achievements of Students

Junior Multimedia School for Junior Secondary Schools - Many of the students in JSS can type, edit what is typed, design and prepare presentations using the appropriate computer application programs. Most of the students with the help of the cisco programs instructors can now design mind blowing presentations with beautiful animations. Some of the students can confidently design result sheets and even describe the different types of printers.

Senior Secondary Schools -The students in SSS can identify the computer and its various internal components. Most can also assemble computers themselves and know various computer components such as chasis, motherboard and power supply. Also they will soon start taking the professional examination under Cisco to be certified technicians, irrespective of the course they want to study in the University. To this end, they have opened emails for this purpose, ready for the exam.


Impact of Cisco Networking Programs on the Students

The world is advancing in the field of information technology. Almost daily, many sophisticated technologies are appearing on the world scene. These technologies can be found in every field such as education, medicine, military, etc.


This is why the Cisco program aims to educate students in the areas of application software programs, repairs and maintenance of computer systems, installations of software, and assembling/disassembling of computer systems. The curriculum used is a global curriculum in hardware and networking designed to impart contemporary networking skills required to become a first class networking professional. 


Photo Speaks

Students demonstrating their skill

Students with a Cisco instructor in the lab

Students in the Cisco lab



What more can we say. The Cisco program introduced into this school is a welcomed development by all and sundry.


We thank you for your support. We remain committed to providing your child with the necessary ICT skills needed for a successful future career.


To always be informed of our activities, like our page on face book (www.facebook.com/UNITeSCISCONetworkingAcademy/).



Have a wonderful Holiday.